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What to Consider When Planning a Solar Project

December 21, 2018

At KB Racking, we’re proud to offer solar mounting solutions that are highly efficient, dependable, and customized to suit your needs. However, when planning for the implementation of a solar project, there are a few elements to consider that will ensure your future setup is optimized for the best possible performance (and long-term savings). Here’s what we recommend you look closely at during the planning stage when it comes to your property and our available solutions.


It’s essential to plan according to the direction in which your mounted solar panels will face, as they need to have the maximum amount of possible sunlight exposure throughout the day. In the United States, your panels should be facing South to get the best results. The pitch of your roof can be altered with the help of our innovative rack-based systems to ensure maximum performance efficiency.


If you live in a more neutral climate such as in Eastern Ontario, outdoor temperatures won’t have any impact on solar energy performance, as opposed to in warmer climates such as central Mexico. This is due to the fact that, as the temperature rises, solar panels positions need to be altered to allow sufficient airflow. This induces natural cooling so that your setup doesn’t become strained, which will ensure greater long-term efficiency.


If you plan on converting your property over to solar power and operating off the grid, you need to be aware of the impact shade can have on the practicality of such a project. Trees, mountains, and structures can form a barrier between the sun and any panels you have set up. If not addressed beforehand, you may experience reduced energy efficiency in the mornings and around sunset due to the surrounding landscape. Other obstructions such as buildings or mountains need big workarounds, so you need to consider the setup that works best for your property’s layout. Regardless, our professional team can help you identify and plan for areas that receive a consistent amount of sunlight throughout the day.


Invest in a solar mounting solution that’s specifically designed to be durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. This will spare you from additional repair expenses later on, while promoting long-term performance efficiency. From wire management to our innovative Ekonorack 2.0 system, eall of our products are designed to be reliable, simple to maintain, and built to the highest quality standards. Our solar mounting solutions also come with a 10-year standard warranty. In the end, it’s a great time invest in a solar project, while your business saves money and time, while boosting energy efficiency. If you’re curious about KB Racking’s dependable and straightforward solutions, contact us. We’re happy to work with you to create an ideal custom solution.