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What is Green-Zone Clamping?

March 6, 2023

What is Green-Zone Clamping?

Often an installer may ask where the best placement is to secure a solar panel, and the answer is on both the short and long end of the panel. Properly clamping panels to meet the manufacturer’s instructions involves using the minimum number of clamps, as well as clamping in the right places. Clamping zones can vary from panel to panel, as panels come in varies sizes across the market. There are panels that only have one type of clamping zone, which will be located around its mounting holes, while other can have multiple zones which will give an installer options on where to install clamps. Dependent of location, region and snow loads, clamping in the green zone may be the best option.

“Green-zone” clamping refers to the section of the module where clamping will provide the most stability and best distribution of additional weigh, especially in areas with high snow loads.  It is often the preferred method by panel manufacturers. Each panel must be clamped at a minimum of four points, 250mm –450mm along the long side of the module. (The image provides an illustration of placement for clamps within the green zones.)

What are the benefits of green zone clamping?

·      Equal weight distribution

·      Sufficient support for additional weight such as snow loads

·      Offers more versality with universal panel sizes

·      Maintains module warranty

·      Provides the racking system more stability