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New AeroGrid system to market

October 3, 2022

The wait is over! We're excited to share with our clients a new racking system, Aerogrid! The highly anticipated system is what you all have been waiting for and we're thrilled to offer you a new green-zone clamping solution for your solar projects.

Aerogrid is a grid-based flat roof racking system that is designed for a high load rating in snow load regions. Offered in 5° and 10° tilt variations, the snap-in components provide an easy tool-less installation.

Aerogrid is a 100% green-zone clamping system that offers more panels per area and less racking per panel which makes it low cost, and more universal for the varying panel sizes. The racking system will have the same snow load tolerances as any other L4 system. We have chosen to use a landscape orientation as the panels cast ½ the shade compared to portrait, which means less interrow. The standard system can accommodate PV module variability between 1024-1344mm width& 1950-2434mm length.

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