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Solar energy is booming around the world

April 10, 2019

Solar power is the faster growing renewable energy source across the world. The global solar capacity has significantly increased over the last few years. As stated by a report by Natural Resources Canada, there are over 420 GW of solar capacity installed worldwide. The leading countries for solar power production are China, United States, Japan, Germany, and Italy.  

Solar in the United States

Solar energy is projected to be the fastest-growing source of US electricity generation, according to a report published by the US Energy Department. California is the highest solar power generating state, with over 11 GW installed.  With costs projected to decrease, solar panels will be the norm in states nationwide.  

In addition to utility-scale solar in the electric power sector, some residences and businesses have installed small-scale solar photovoltaic systems to supply some of the electricity they consume. EIA forecasts that small-scale solar generating capacity will grow by almost 9 GW during the next two years, an increase of 44%.

Solarpower is on the rise in Europe

In 2018, SolarPower Europe announced another year of growth with 11 GW of installations across the EU. In comparison to 2017, the EU has seen a significant increase of 36% in solar PV installations.  With energy-saving smart homes increasing, businesses going green and zero-emission hydrogen, Europe can become a global powerhouse in the solar energy sector.

KBRacking European expansion

As part of KB Racking’s long-term global expansion, in 2018 KB Racking launched into the Netherland’s solar industry.  With the Netherlands as the 3rd largest solar market in Europe, KB Racking has a great start to expand further in the European solar industry. KB Racking has a reputable presence in North America as a commerical solar racking company, with over 120 MW of completed projects of their solar racking systems.  From flat roof solar racking to metal roof solar racking, KB Racking is able to meet the needs of all clients.