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Product Spotlight: Solar Mounting Solutions for Metal Roofs

March 25, 2019

Last month, we covered solar mounting solutions for flat roofs. However, don’t feel left out if you’ve got a metal roof and want to adopt solar energy as a renewable resource for your business. KB Racking is known for high-quality, long-lasting products that can work with all sorts of roof types, including metal. Let’s go over some of our metal roof solar racking systems, in hopes of helping you make the most informed purchasing decision possible. In addition,view our installation videos just to see how easy it is to join the solar revolution.


For pitched metal roofs, ourinnovative BarnRacksystem really is the ideal solution. It’s quick to install, available at a low startingcost, and offers exceptional leak protection in the form of its factory-appliedsealant tape. BarnRack utilizes rails pre-cut for custom lengths, and its low hookper panel ratio helps to reduce the number of necessary roof penetrations. Constructedof light, corrosion-resistant aluminum components with optimized ventilationgaps, it offers greater energy efficiency for less. Take advantage of BarnRack andits many benefits – viewthe datasheet or downloadthe installation manual today.


Our SeamRack system offers greater flexibility in terms of installation, especially since no penetrations are required. This design element also represents a lower starting cost for your solar mounting project. In addition, it's utilizing a simple module system that can be attached at any point along pre-cut custom rails. Custom-fit clamps are incorporated into your SeamRack project to enable a standing seam profile, ensuring your property enjoys the maximum energy production possible. To learn more, view the datasheet or download the installation manual.

SeamRack RL

Lastly, our popular SeamRack RL series offers up a solar mounting solution unlike any other. It’s constructed of superior-quality stainless steel and aluminum, utilizing custom-fit, non-penetrating clamps that won’t void your included 10-year warranty. This is a system designed for long-lasting performance and peace of mind, letting you get on with managing your business without concerns of energy consumption. For instance, fewer components means faster installation on metal roofs, and panel mounting couldn’t be easier with click-in module clamps for convenience. Take a look at the datasheet or download the installation manual today to learn more.

We’re proud of the solar mounting solutions we offer at KB Racking. Our solutions are easy to install, highly resilient and cost efficient.

Explore our site to learn about the top features of these and other great products. Reach out to us today for further details. In addition, you can also learn more about our completed metal roof projects.