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Product Spotlight: Solar Mounting Solutions for Flat Roofs

February 22, 2019

Does your property incorporate a flat roof? If you’re looking for a high-efficiency renewable energy resource, you’re in luck. KB Racking is renowned for flat-roof solar power systems that are designed to last and deliver consistent performance. That said, perhaps you’re having a hard time deciding which of our products is best suited to your business’ needs. Today, let’s go over our current range of solar mounting solutions intended for flat-roof installations.

EkonoRack 2.0

Our simplest non-penetrating solution, EkonoRack 2.0 is comprised of a three-component design for streamlined installation and maintenance, featuring a ballast tray windshield mount with support for multiple panels. With only one grounding lug per array and full ETL Certification, it’s a hassle-free way to go solar once and for all, minimizing energy-related costs and maximizing budgetary potential. Enjoy customizable row spacing, tilt angles and orientation to ensure you get the very most out of your installation. View the datasheet or download the installation manual today.

AeroRack 2.0

It’s time to take advantage of the next generation of rail-based mounting solutions. AeroRack 2.0 improves in almost every way on the original, including with a cutting-edge, more aerodynamic design. The system incorporates low ballast requirements, integrated wire management and rapid installation with click-in module supports, all at an economical price. In addition, AeroRack 2.0 features ETL Certified grounding clamps that are strategically located near the green zones of the panel frame, allowing for the system to handle the highest load capacity possible. Take a look at its datasheet and installation guide for further technical details.


Need a solar mounting solution that requires zero ballast? AnchorRack is a robust and cost-efficient choice. Its design features durable screws that penetrate the roof’s surface, ensuring a secure fit that can withstand winds of up to 140 mph, yet only has two main components to enable lightning-quick installation. The system also incorporates high-grade UL 441-approved flashing that keeps the weather out, as well as a high-profile design that ensures rooftop obstacle clearance. AnchorRack is also designed for greater flexibility when it comes to the tilt angle, row spacing and panel orientation. As a result, it’s one of the most customizable and modular anchored systems on the market. To learn more, view the datasheet or take a look at our installation guide.

We’re proud to offer such a wide range of solar mounting solutions for commercial customers with flat roofs. Complete with a 10-year standard warranty, superior service and support and top-quality components at an economical price, our flat roof products make an excellent choice for businesses of any size. Contact us today to join the solar revolution!