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New Aerorack East/West System

August 27, 2020

The AeroRack E/W features reduced row spacing which aides in higher panel density on your flat roof solar project. This should lead to greater revenue with your projects, more panels with reduced costs. Compared to our south facing AeroRack 2.0 racking system, this solution is less costly. We do not require windshields in field – only along the perimeter, and we can apply more panels per ft along the rails, lowering the overall material costs.This solution is just as easy to set-up as the AeroRack 2.0, while still providing the lowest in market system weight (estimated 2.5 - 4.5PSF for most standard projects).

The AeroRack E/W is available in portrait orientation with tilt angles ranging between 3-8° & in landscape orientation ranging from 5-22°. The system is ideal for northern latitudes where higher tilt angles are required to maximize panel power generation.

The system is also ideal for weight compromised roofs, snow load tolerances as well as projects that cannot hit expected panel count with south facing systems.

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