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KB Racking's EkonoRack Receives Bankability Assessment by DNV

January 18, 2024


[Toronto], [January 18, 2024] – KB Racking, a leading solar PV mounting systems supplier proudly announces a bankability assessment of its EkonoRack mounting system by DNV, a renowned global quality assurance and risk management company.

The EkonoRack mounting system is a versatile solution, accommodating PV module orientation in both landscape and portrait, offering various tilt and row spacing options. DNV's comprehensive evaluation included a detailed review of each product component, design parameters, structural documentation, manufacturing processes, test programs, regulatory requirements, and operations/maintenance procedures.

DNV found the variety of product options and accessories, including wire management, MLPE mounts, and High-Capacity Mounts, to align with standard industry practices. The wind tunnel testing program, structural calculations, and the overall approach to quality control met industry standards.

While acknowledging the EkonoRack's good reliability record since its installation in 2015, DNV conducted thorough testing for certification to UL 2703, ensuring compliance with grounding and bonding tests, mechanical load tests, and fire performance standards. The warranty, with a term length of 25 years, was noted as one of the more favorable in the industry.

In its report of the installation manual and operations & maintenance processes, DNV found KB Racking's approach to be in line with competing products. Recommendations provided by DNV aim to further enhance clarity and positively impact the PV system's reliability and useful product life.

Based on available information, testing, and engineering, DNV concludes that KB Racking is capable of supplying PV mounting systems without introducing atypical risks. The bankability evaluation underscores KB Racking's commitment to quality, reliability, and industry-leading standards.

For more information about KB Racking and its EkonoRack mounting system, please visit the product specs here.

About DNV: DNV is a global quality assurance and risk management company, provides services in certification, classification, verification, and training. With a focus on sustainability and safety, DNV's assessments help businesses enhance performance and manage risk effectively.


For access to the DNV report, please contact our sales team.

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