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Why Solar Energy Will Replace Coal Power

February 14, 2019

There’s been a lot of talk of solar power capable of delivering a future without our needing to rely on natural gas as a source of electricity. This clean, reliable means of energy production will become the new standard and replace coal power. Today, let’s explore a little bit of the why and how!


Using a solar mounting solution in conjunction with grid-based power can help to lower energy bills, especially for larger properties that tend to use more electricity. However, going completely off-grid will deliver even more significant long-term value. On the opposite end of the spectrum, high-quality coal prices have been soaring lately, and there’s also the potential of shortages. With solar energy, however, all you need is sunlight, from a source that won’t deplete for many, many years. Aside from that, the average cost of solar energy in North America is steadily on the decline.

Continued Innovation and Potential

While coal power has remained virtually unchanged since the days of steamships and the like, there’s always some exciting new development in the world of solar solutions. With new technologies and improvements comes plenty of potentials to create a more viable resource for many businesses in need of affordable, renewable energy. With states such as Illinois introducing bills to increase solar development and achieve 100 percent clean energy, it seems we’re not alone in believing that this is where our future is headed.

Easier to Maintain

Coal power production is dirty work, with plants requiring regular maintenance and upkeep to meet electricity demands continually. By switching to solar energy – and even better, doing so on your own property – you can effectively cut out the middle-man with a renewable solution that is cleaner and easier to care for. Panels can easily be swapped out, hazards to maintenance workers are non-existent, and less space is needed for the system itself as well as any maintenance equipment.

Meets or Exceeds Eco-Friendly Standards

We all know that solar power is much more energy efficient than generating electricity by using coal, but did you know that it’s also one of the eco-friendliest solutions available? Natural gas, coal and petroleum all need to be mined or extracted from underground, and the use of these resources for energy generation is much more harmful on the environment (as well as those exposed to it). Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy can’t be spilled, sparing our planet from costly and toxic cleanups. There is also no massive presence of carbon dioxide as typically found in fossil fuels, leading to a reduced impact on the global climate.

Around the world, we continue to see new innovations and increased adoption when it comes to solar energy solutions. Cleaner, safer, and more affordable, it allows electricity providers and their customers to benefit in multiple ways. If you’re interested in implementing a custom solar mounting solution, contact us at KB Racking today!