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KB Racking’s Custom Solutions Yield Riveting Results in New Jersey!

November 8, 2017

2016 marked a very productive time in the relationship between KB Racking and Evergreen Energy Solutions as we worked together on three large solar projects in the state of New Jersey. Two of them have already been completed and the third is expected to be fully installed late 2017. The total combined project size of these three projects exceeds an astounding 8500 panels.These projects have proven to be very challenging for the project management team at KB Racking due to the highly custom nature of several aspects. Some notable features include the use of KB Racking’s 10 degree EkonoRack 2.0, custom row spacing, custom design to reduce the overall weight of the system and many revisions to guarantee their success.KB Racking’s commitment to superior customer service and ability to assist clients in coming up with tailored solutions, ensured the successful achievement of Evergreen’s intricate projects. Peter Aulich, CEO of KB Racking, notes, “Our relationship with Evergreen Energy has always been one of collaboration and continued mutual assistance. We are delighted to be providing solutions and working with Evergreen Energy and we look forward to our future projects.”The CEO of Evergreen Issac Israel adds “KB’s team of engineers was very capable of handling the challenges of each project, and worked relentlessly to provide solutions to any and all issues that arose. The help that KB provided with regards to ballasting the system, and ensuring the electrical aspect operated smoothly with the racking was a huge factor in completing each project successfully”.ABOUT EVERGREEN ENERGY Evergreen Energy Solutions is a Regina-based distributor and installer of geothermal, solar-thermal, photovoltaic and wind products. They have been providing renewable energy services since 2003. Evergreen is committed to providing homes and businesses with energy solutions which are both environmentally and economically beneficial.

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