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Choose KB Racking for your next solar installation

October 7, 2019

Who We Are

KB Racking specializes in providing commercial and residential solar mounting solutions for rooftops around the world. We manufacture ballasted and anchored solar racking systems for flat roof projects, as well as customized solutions for metal roofs. KB Racking has offices in Toronto, Canada, California, as well as Mexico, which allows us to service all of North America. 

Our mission is to face the future with positive change. We strive towards creating a 100% renewable energy future, one project at a time. With over 500 projects built across 25 states and provinces and 100+ megawatts generated so far, KB Racking has come to represent quality engineering and on-site expertise that customers can count on. We continue to deliver simplified energy solutions to more people every day. With a combination of passion for innovation and ownership of our work, you will experience service quality that can be counted on as much as our products.

Why Choose KB Racking

Quality of product – Our competitively priced products guarantees ease of installation and a long-lasting and effective solution for your solar projects.

Superior Customer service – Our customer service is some of the best in the business - our layouts and engineering reports are double-checked by a team of dedicated and trained staff members to ensure that the reports are meeting all guidelines (county/city/state/provincial/federal). Our Engineers and Project Managers will support each client/project throughout every stage, from layout to engineering, to logistics and installation.

Product Customization – Contrary to numerous companies who may run into issues with unconventional challenges, KB Racking prides itself on being able to develop specific and customized products to ensure that no hurdle is too difficult to overcome. In addition, we offer a wide range of different tilt angles and configuration options that are non-paralleled in
the industry.

Partner List – KB Racking has developed a strong network of business partners, which is composed of some of the top companies in every aspect of solar development: project financing, site surveys, engineering needs, and product procurement.

Want to know more?

Visit www.kbracking.com or call us today at 1-888-661-3204 and we’ll be delighted to talk to you!