Why Solar Energy Will Replace Coal Power

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Why Solar Energy Will Replace Coal Power

There’s been a lot of talk of solar power capable of delivering a future without our needing to rely on natural gas as a source of electricity. This clean, reliable means of energy production will become the new standard and replace coal power. Today, let’s explore a little bit of the why and how! Cost-Effectiveness Using a solar mounting solution … Read More

What to Consider When Planning a Solar Project

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What to Consider When Planning a Solar Project

At KB Racking, we’re proud to offer solar mounting solutions that are highly efficient, dependable, and customized to suit your needs. However, when planning for the implementation of a solar project, there are a few elements to consider that will ensure your future setup is optimized for the best possible performance (and long-term savings). Here’s what we recommend you look … Read More

KB RACKING announces an alliance with World Technology Supply

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KB Racking is pleased to announce its alliance with World Technology Supply. World Technology Supply is a Latin American distributor that specializes in renewable energy, security and technology. With its robust experience in Latin America, World Technology Supply provides installers, developers and solar professionals with access to the products and services necessary to build a variety of renewable energy projects. World Technology … Read More

Why is Going Solar Good for Your Business?

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Why is Going Solar Good for Your Business

Modern everyday businesses hinge on a range of critical elements to succeed and grow. Today, many companies are choosing to go solar for various financial and logistical advantages, but how is doing so going to help your specific business? Let’s look at some key benefits. A Sustainable Business Image Eco-friendliness is an ever-growing trend.. Therefore, many businesses that switch to environmentally … Read More

Why Choose Us for Your Solar Racking Installation?

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Why Choose KB Racking for Your Solar Installation

Are you planning on making your organization more energy efficient and eco-friendly? If so, the team at KB Racking can deliver a dependable solution. Our solar racking systems are a great way to future-proof your commercial operations, designed for a wide range of use.  Compatibility with a Wide Range of Roof Types From flat to sloped roofs, KB Racking’s solar … Read More