What industries benefit from solar energy?



A spike in the demand for solar, falling prices, various tax incentives, and grants, are the advantages and benefits businesses gain from solar energy. Here are some of the industries that can benefit from solar energy. Agriculture: Firstly, agriculture is one of the industries that can benefit from solar energy. As energy costs keep rising, more farmers are turning to … Read More

Solar energy is booming around the world



Solar power is the faster growing renewable energy source across the world. The global solar capacity has significantly increased over the last few years. As stated by a report by Natural Resources Canada, there are over 420 GW of solar capacity installed worldwide. The leading countries for solar power production are China, United States, Japan, Germany, and Italy.   Solar … Read More

Exploring Seasonal Influences on Solar Panel Efficiency


influence of seasons on solar panel efficiency

There’s no bad time of year to utilize a solar mounting solution, but you should be aware in advance that solar panels behave differently depending on outdoor conditions. This is especially true in seasonal climates where there are dramatic fluctuations in the form of weather events, temperature and humidity changes, and otherwise. Solar Irradiance Before we dive into the effects … Read More

Product Spotlight: Solar Mounting Solutions for Flat Roofs


Solar Panels on Flat Roofs

Does your property incorporate a flat roof? If you’re looking for a high-efficiency renewable energy resource, you’re in luck. KB Racking is renowned for flat-roof solar power systems that are designed to last and deliver consistent performance. That said, perhaps you’re having a hard time deciding which of our products is best suited to your business’ needs. Today, let’s go … Read More

How Do Solar Panels Collect Energy from the Sun?

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How Do Solar Panels Collect Energy from the Sun?

Are you considering making the environmentally-friendly switch to solar energy for your business? Doing so has a wide range of benefits for both large and small companies, especially in terms of increasing cost efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint. However, perhaps you wish to learn more about the technology before investing your capital and time into it. Today, let’s explore … Read More