New Aerorack East/West System

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The AeroRack E/W features reduced row spacing which aides in higher panel density on your flat roof solar project. This should lead to greater revenue with your projects, more panels with reduced costs. Compared to our south facing AeroRack 2.0 racking system, this solution is less costly. We do not require windshields in field – only along the perimeter, and we can apply … Read More

Lawrence, MA

KB Racking2020, Projects

Ekonorack-Trinity Financial- 227kW

Project size: 126.7kW

Mounting system: EkonoRack

Completion Date: 04/2020

Milford, CT

KB Racking2020, Projects


Project size: 292kW

Mounting system: EkonoRack

Completion Date: 06/2020

Choose KB Racking for your next solar installation

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Who We Are KB Racking specializes in providing commercial and residential solar mounting solutions for rooftops around the world. We manufacture ballasted and anchored solar racking systems for flat roof projects, as well as customized solutions for metal roofs. KB Racking has offices in Toronto, Canada, California, as well as Mexico, which allows us to service all of North America.  … Read More

What are the different types of solar mounting systems?

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By now you have a good understanding of what a solar panel is and how a solar photovoltaic system functions. We’ve seen solar panels mounted on roofs, but may wonder how the systems are mounted. Before solar panels can be installed onto your rooftop, you will need to know what the available solar mounting options are.   A solar mounting system … Read More

Solar energy is booming around the world

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Solar power is the faster growing renewable energy source across the world. The global solar capacity has significantly increased over the last few years. As stated by a report by Natural Resources Canada, there are over 420 GW of solar capacity installed worldwide. The leading countries for solar power production are China, United States, Japan, Germany, and Italy.   Solar … Read More