Milford, CT

KB Racking2020, Projects


Project size: 292kW

Mounting system: EkonoRack

Completion Date: 06/2020

How to find the best solar mount for your installation

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Are you considering to install a solar PV system for your business? Before you do so, you will need to think about the type of mounting system you will be using for your installation. Choosing the right solar mounting system is an important component for your solar installation.  Before deciding on how your system will be mounted, you will need … Read More

EkonoRack 2.0 is our best-selling mounting system

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If you have a commercial flat rooftop and plan to install solar panels, our EkonoRack 2.0 mounting system is perfect for you! EkonoRack 2.0 is our #1 best-selling commercial solar mounting system for flat roofs. The system is a simple non-penetrating solar mounting solution with a single racking component that acts as a ballast tray windshield mount and multiple panel support. The … Read More

Airdrie, AB

KB Racking2019, Projects


Project size: 77kW

Mounting system: EkonoRack

Completion Date: 08/2019

Phoenix, AZ

KB Racking2019, Projects

Project size: 1.1MW

Mounting system: EkonoRack

Completion Date: 07/2019

The impact of hurricanes on solar mounting systems

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flat roof solar PV system

Natural disasters are unlikely to be prevented as climate change is only making them worse. A hurricane or tornado can be detrimental and impact solar mounting systems.  As hurricane Dorian hit North America at the beginning of September, it threated solar installations along the east coast. According to the Washington Post, hurricane Dorian’s forceful winds extended outward up to 60 … Read More

The steps for installing a solar racking system

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solar mounting

You’ve decided to go solar and plan to install a solar PV system on your rooftop. Let’s get into the necessary steps needed to install the solar racking system onto your roof in order to start reaping the benefits of your new solar-paneled roof. First, you need to make sure that your roof is strong enough for solar installation and … Read More