Scott Licamele, Senior Vice President, MSL Group

We decided to use KB Racking’s EkonoRack system on a 400kW industrial project in Connecticut and the results were terrific. Our installation team had the entire system built and connected in just two short weeks. The EkonoRack’s simplicity was a major contributor to that speed. The pre-attached rubber mats made installation effortless and saved our construction team valuable time. In addition, KB Racking has some of the best customer service I have experienced in the industry. The staff is courteous, thoughtful and very responsive. I highly recommend KB Racking.


Matthew Bennett, Operations Manager, Sundance Power Systems

Working with KB Racking was a great experience, they provided on time delivery with expedited delivery times allowing the project to be completed on time. The system was very easy to set up and install, allowing the project to proceed without dela


Mike Barnes, Senior Project Manager, RER Energy Group

Together with KB Racking we built one of the largest rooftop solar projects in Baltimore County. The custom row spacing available with the EkonoRack 2.0 allowed us to maximize roof space and reach our target of 1.67MW. The speed of installation was accelerated by the system’s simplicity and their attentive project managers. KB Racking has become a trusted partner of RER Energy not only for their products but also their exemplary customer service.


Elijah Johnson-Heck, Lead Designer, Native Solar

Working with KB Racking’s EkonoRack 2.0 was simple and easy. Not only was the system very straight forward and easy to install, KB Racking project management provided outstanding support and customer service making them our go to company for commercial solar racking.


Cameron Steinman, President, Endura Energy

We were interested in the AeroRack system because of its light weight design. Having a completely enclosed system was also a major concern of ours. We were very pleased with the AeroRack's integrated wire management system. Installation was simple, it looks clean and we don't have to worry about damage to the wires down the road.


George Mishriki, Manager of Solar Projects, Sky Solar

KB Racking was great to work with, we just began our fourth project together and we plan to continue working with them in the future.


Allen Osborne, Project Coordinator, Arcadian Projects

KB Racking's team always has a fast turnaround on engineering and fabrication. We recently completed installing their AeroRack system on two churches in Ontario. The ease of installation allowed us to complete these turn key projects in just one week while under tight OPA deadlines. In addition, they delivered an aesthetically pleasing system that made the congregations very happy.


Michael Kornahrens, President, Advanced Green Technologies

We started using KB Racking's mounting systems in 2011. Since then, we have built 8 projects amounting to over 1MW of solar energy. We continue to chose KB Racking because we can count on their team to meet the custom needs of our projects and we can count on their product to last.


Andy Knapp, Managing Director, Moosepower

Moose Power Inc. has used the AeroRack system to build 5 projects, amounting to 810kW of solar energy. The KB Racking team provided exceptional service and a quality racking solution that was simple to install. We look forward to working with KB Racking on more projects.


Marjan Stosic, President, QPA Solar Inc.

I have overseen the 10 projects that QPA Solar has built with KB Racking since 2011. The project management team is easy to work with and their mounting systems have always been a great fit. We look forward to working with them again in the future


Mark Frederick, President/CEO, CitiGreen Inc.

AnchorRack gives us a racking product that provides every benefit a solar integrator needs in an anchored racking design. It allows us to orient the modules to any azimuth we want, it provides us with a full 15 degrees of slope, it installs quickly and easily since it only has two part numbers, and leaves open walkways with no trip hazards. There is really nothing else that gives all these benefits and at this low price point, is the only roof rack we use for our flat roofs. KB Racking combines this great product with their signature great service to make the best racking product line in existence.


Ethan Goddard, Senior Project Manager, Solar Energy Services

KB Racking's EkonoRack 2.0 has sped up our installation times from 10 panels an hour to close to 20 panels an hour. Their sales team is engaging and responsive, and the engineers we work with are accommodating and knowledgeable.


Sven Amirian, Vice President - Sales & Development, Invaleon Solar Technologies

Invaleon used KB Racking's AeroRack because it fulfilled an engineering necessity. Being in the Northeast region of Massachusetts, the snow loads imposed on a solar project can make or break the system. We've analyzed many different racking solutions and decided on the lightweight AeroRack made by KB Racking as the only solution. The entire system came in under 3.25 PSF with quality parts. The installation was seamless and we were able to achieve a record-breaking installation time. We could not be happier and we look forward to being a lifelong client of KB Racking.