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KB Racking specializes in providing commercial and residential solar mounting solutions for rooftops around the world. We manufacture ballasted and anchored solar racking systems for flat roof projects, as well as customized solutions for metal roofs. We work closely with our customers to provide a smooth and seamless experience throughout the entire project cycle.

Solar power is beneficial to modern business operations — KB Racking was formed in 2010 to deliver high-quality solar mounting systems that can be depended on for years to come. This enables for increased energy efficiency, paving the way for reduced operating costs and potential energy rebates.

Top KB Racking System Features: simple, click-in clamps light, corrosion-free aluminum components, 25-year warranty

With every project, we provide simple and effective solutions you can count on.

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From Calgary to Kansas City and around the world, KB Racking has completed solar energy projects that are reliable and efficient. We offer a range of top-quality commercial solar mounting solutions, each offering innovative features and a 25-year warranty. From our low-cost modular SeamRack system to the next generation of rail-based solutions in AeroRack 2.0, there is always a product suited to your infrastructure and unique needs. Whether in need of an easy-to-install solar racking system or one with customizable row spacing, we will find an ideal solution.

Our mission is to face the future with positive change. We strive towards creating a 100% renewable energy future, one project at a time. With over 500 projects built across 25 states and provinces and 100+ megawatts generated so far, we continue to deliver simplified energy solutions to more people every day. Combined with a passion for innovation and ownership of our work, you will experience service quality that can be counted on as much as our products.


Two of KB Racking’s most popular offerings are our EkonoRack and AeroRack series. The latest generation of these solar mounting solutions is even more cost-effective, resilient, and dependable. Designed for flat roofs, they are lightweight and easy to install.

EkonoRack 2.0 consists of only three main components for rapid installation. Pre-attached roof protection mats are also provided, approved by major roofing manufacturers. This innovative system enables for customizable row spacing, tilt angle, and orientation, making it an ideal choice for a wider array of operating environments.

AeroRack 2.0 boasts a rail-based design for increased stiffness. This reduces ballast requirements and roof loads, making it compatible with older roofs. Additionally, AeroRack’s 2.0 non-penetrating design protects against roof damage. Combined with an integrated wire management system and click-in module supports, the result is a dependable solution with a simplified installation process.

Elijah Johnson Heck Native Solar

“Working with KB Racking’s EkonoRack 2.0 was simple and easy. Not only was the system very straight forward and easy to install, KB Racking project management provided outstanding support and customer service making them our go to company for commercial solar racking.”

Elijah Johnson-Heck, Lead Designer, Native Solar